Problem When Composing Email

I have eM Client set up to check email every couple of minutes. If I am composing an email and eM Client does an email check the cursor jumps to a different position in the window where I’m composing the email.

This happens every time eM Client does an email check and is super annoying. Is there a fix for this??

Hi Wayne,
I tried to replicate your issue but I had no luck. Can you share more details about your situation and set up, type of computer, Windows version etc? Does this really happen only in eM Client while synchronizing or is this maybe happening in more applications?
Please check similar problems that are not app-specific to see if any of the solutions help you but do let me know if the issue persists and is only happening in EM Client.

Best regards,

I’m using Windows 10 Pro. Try this. Open a new mail window and paste a couple fairly large images into the body of the email. I often do this when sending instructions to people. I use the Snipping Tool to copy parts of the screen and paste them into an email with instructions. Some of these are quite long with several images.

Make sure that the body of the email is longer than the available viewing area i.e. ensure that you are scrolled down and can’t see the top of the email contents. Place the cursor under the last image you pasted into the window and wait for eM Client to do an automatic mail check. The cursor will disappear and the window contents will move to a different position. This doesn’t happen on a manual mail check, only an automatic timed check. 

This issue is only present in eM Client. No other apps are doing this. 

I can duplicate this behaviour on Windows 10 home. A similar thing had happened to me in the past but I thought I’d imagined it so I followed Wayne’s instructions. The cursor was at the bottom of the Compose Mail window, under two large images. At the end of an automatic synchronisation the cursor had jumped to the top of the Compose Mail window.

Thanks. You’ve confirmed that it’s a bug. Now to see if a fix is forthcoming. :slight_smile: