Problem text in pdf

When I print as pdf, using Acrobat pro, the text is like “dffxvhUhfswlrq1sgi”.
Very strange, when I paste here the above text it looks ok :

I had a look in properties of Acrobat, uninstalled and installed it again, but the problem is still there.
With Microsoft office, there is no problem.
I’m using laptop Asus with Windows 7.
Do you know if the problem comes from eMClient or my laptop?

Edit day after:
Now its better after repairing Acrobat and downloaded GreenCloud printer.
In object when there are cyrillic caracters, the problem is:
ΈηΣι ς ή ηΩζ γηι ΣΪ ΫΣ βΣθ ζ γ ΌγΥΣ ι Ωί ΩΥάΫάϊ

But only in object.

I am not sure. Try to use a different PDF reader and let me know if the problem remains.

I uninstalled Adobe Acrobat and Adobe reader.
I installed Nuance pdf and…the problem was still there.

I had an idea: I changed the font in eMClient >settings>Mail>style and it seems ok !
I replaced Verdana by Arial.

Now,object in cyrillic is репортаж за нас :slight_smile:
Much better than ΈηΣι ς ή ηΩζ γηι ΣΪ

I too had complete gibberish text in pdf’s I printed from emClient.  I just tried changing my font to Arial (from Tahoma) using the steps indicated in the previous comment.  Now my “print to pdf” pdf’s, the message body text looks fine.  However, other people’s email signatures are still gibberish.  I still have to use the gmail web interface to print a pdf of a message.

Hello Jason, can you please make a screenshot of the issue? What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About? Are you able to print out of Internet Explorer?

Can you please make sure you have the latest available version of Internet Explorer installed on your computer?


Ah ha!  Trying to print out of IE just gave an error log window.  It produced no pdf file.  The text in the error window is pasted below.  I will update IE and try again.

FYI… My normal browser is Chrome, for the pdf’s that printed from the gmail web interface.

%%[ProductName: Distiller]%%01uvtze not found, using Courier.
%%[Error: invalidfont; OffendingCommand: xshow]%%

[115 91 42 42 97 41 90 146 42 42 83 46 42 46 46 146 42 96 97 61 41 72
96 64 92 41 61 97 42 72 41 96 88 72 41 97 91 91 96 42 71 92 96 61 42
83 91 61 47 41 46 42 131 88 71 42 96 97 61 42 42 87 72 61 42 131 91
91 84 41 88 56 61 91 64 42 46 42 71 91 97 61 42 96 97 61 42 77 92 41
61 97 42 58 88 72 96 97 41 97 56 41 62 91 77 97 0]



%%[Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored]%%
%%[Warning: PostScript error. No PDF file produced.] %%

Now, for me no more problem. I use Foxit reader pdf printer.

I am printing from eM Client.  I also have Foxit reader installed.  Is there a way to force software to use a certain pdf printer?  I thought that any app used its own code to print the pdf.  I guess I’m wrong.  Otherwise, I don’t see how you can say you use “Foxit reader pdf printer”.  So… How do I change this setting?  I’d rather not do any registry editing, because I don’t know what I’m doing.

Sorry Jason, I don’t know. I have Windows 7 pro. In control panel > print Foxit reader is checked

Here image of print in eMClient

ok… when I select the Foxit Reader PDF Printer setting when printing (instead of Adobe PDF), it prints fine.  It doesn’t matter if I select it as default or if I just select it when doing a print.  So, it APPEARS to be a problem between “Adobe PDF” printer and eM Client.  I have an old Adobe Pro 9 installation and Adobe Reader 11 installed.

Mine is Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro :slight_smile:
And no Adobe reader.

Hello again, eM Client is built on top of the .NET framework which uses some of the system controls and features, such as for example the printing feature, please make sure you’re able to print out of IE first, make sure you’re running the latest available version or check with Microsoft’s support in case you’re seeing any errors during print.

Hope this helps,