Problem - system randomly stops with "internal server error" popup

I’ve been using eM Client for several months. It is configured as a pop server to my account and the password is saved. Recently, it has been stopping at random times with a popup box that says
server says “internal server error”
I don’t think it’s actually a problem with the server, because the same mail account works fine on my phone and tablet.
Also, if I click on OK, it apparently re-enters the password and connects fine.
Would appreciate any advice on this. Thanks.

Suggest to go to “Menu / Accounts” and then highlight your acct on the left and click the POP tab at the top. Then reenter your password & Save and close. Then exit eM Client & reopen.

Thanks for the quick reply. Followed your advice. Worked for a while, but when I came in this morning it had hung up again. Any other suggestions?

What version of eM Client do you have, and are you running Windows or Mac.

I have a free version 8 license. I checked for updates and it said that none were available. It’s running on a Windows 10 pc.

  1. Where is your email hosted?
  2. Have you checked with them and determined the PREFERRED current method of connecting. To be sure you have the server name as they want it and the ports exactly as they currently want. Sometimes these change.
  3. Does your computer settings exactly match your working tablet settings?

It does appear to me that sometimes your emclient is not properly communicating with their server, though your phone and tablet do.

Thanks again for taking the time to help with this.

My email is hosted by RCN which just changed names to Astound.
Have not checked with them regarding the settings. However, I am using exactly the same settings on my phone and tablet. Each of those has a different app (the generic Android email app for the phone and K-9 mail app for the tablet) and neither of them has this problem. So it would seem the problem is with eM client.

Looking on the Astound support website they have alot of differant mail settings for POP depending on where you live, so as @steveshank says you need to check the preferred setting for mail clients.

Connecting from a computer mail client can be differant than from a mobile or tablet so i would also suggest to dbl-check with Astound via email or phone or website what the “POP mail server”, “port” and “security policy” should be for your area just to make sure.

If they verify what you have is correct in eM Client, then you may have a problem with the account in eM Client and may need removing and re-adding.

So as its a POP account, first create a backup via “Menu / Backup” in eM Client.

Then create a folder in eM Client down in “Local Folders” at the bottom left called eg: Old Mail and drag all your cuurrent POP mail Inbox, Outbox, Sent box etc folders in that folder.

Lastly remove your POP account from eM Client and re-add as new. Once added and working again, then drag all your Old mail folder emails backup to the POP account same folders again.

If that still doesn’t work could be you have a problem with eM Client installation. So next backup eM Client again and uninstall the program and “don’t delete the database when asked on uninstall”. Then redown the latest version of eM Client you have been using from the version history page and reinstall.

Thanks again. I checked the Astound site and my settings were fine for my area. Then I contacted them by chat. After asking a few questions, they responded
"I see no issue on my end and your server settings are correct so you’d need to contact that email client for further assistance. "

So I guess now I’ll try removing and re-adding my eM Client account. Probably won’t get to that for a while.

So frustrating, but I appreciate your patience.

You might have better luck with switching when you re-add the account and using IMAP. The world has decided that is better, so little attention is being given to POP. You can still turn on archiving so you get you emails moved to local folders, thus emulating POP.

Appreciate the idea, but I don’t want to use IMAP because I specifically don’t want emails synchronized across different devices. My husband and I share a single personal email so we want to be able to download the emails onto our separate computers and he would delete some while I would delete others. Yes, I realize it’s terribly old-fashioned, but we have had this account for years and years and have many things linked to it (utility and bank accounts, websites, memberships…) so to change it would be a major hassle.