Problem - SMTP disconnecting / IMAP fine

A couple of weeks ago my SMTP to Comcast started failing without notification.  I would send e-mails and then get complaints of non-reception.  When I would check the Outbox they all would be logjammed.  Incoming e-mail fine.  I would, and still am, having to reboot to correct the issue.  Diagnostics come up with nothing.  Thanks for the assistance!

Figured out my own problem and, as usual, it makes me hate Comcast even more.  The problem starts when I turn on my VPN, which changes my IP Address, and then resolves when I turn it off.  This issue JUST started as I have been using a VPN for quite some time with Comcast without issue.  My guess is that they got a case of the @$$ with people with VPNs because they can’t stick their nose in our business!

That could happen if your SMTP is using port 25. When you are connecting using VPN, the provider detects this as an insecure connection because it is coming from a different network (VPN), and will not allow it.

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and change your SMTP port to 587, with security policy Force usage of SSL/TLS. Then enable your VPN and try again.

U da G-Man!!!  I have always used 587 but switching to “Force” did the trick.  Thanks so much for your assistance!