Problem seting up email account on a new ipad

when I use my em Client user name , host info and password when trying to set up a new email account on ipad - I get and error message that it can not set up with SSL.
I talked to apple support and they say they dont recognise the email provider and i should contgact them for advice… Anyone? Please.

Who is your email provider? And what settings are you using (beside your username and password, of course): POP3 (or IMAP) and SMTP host addresses, port numbers and security policies (SSL/TLS, etc.)?

Email provider is John Lewis which is run by Plusnet. I contacted them but the guy I talked to didn’t recognise the problem. It is smtp and the error message was “cannot connect by SSL” I gave host name, password and user name. No option for ports.

When you setup your account you are usually asked for the security policy. And usually you are faced with these 4 choices (or similar - See below). Have you tried the first three options?


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I seem to have sorted it without SSL
Thanks for your help

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