Problem sending invitations with 2 email accounts

I have 2 email accounts configured in eM Client; one is an Exchange account (personal) with Calendar and Contacts, the other is an IMAP account (business) that is just email (i.e. no calendar).

What I want to do is create a meeting in my Calendar and invite business attendees, but then send the invite from my IMAP account, which I can do in Outlook because I get chance to change the “send from” email address before actually sending the meeting invitation.  However, in eM Client the invitation just gets sent from my personal Exchange account, without giving me chance to send it through my IMAP account.  Presumably, this is because my Calendar is associated with my personal Exchange email account.

This is a show-stopper for me, which is a great shame because I was about to convert to eM Client from Outlook.  Have I missed something that will enable me to work-around this issue?


Unfortunately you cannot directly change the account to send the invitation from when you are creating the event. Event invitations will be sent from the calendar they are created in, so changing the calendar in the new event window will change the address it is sent from. If you create the event in your Exchange calendar, that is the account address it will be sent from.

The exception is if you create the event in a local folder calendar. In that case the invitation will be sent from the default email account. Or if an email account does not have a calendar, you can select a default calendar for that account, and then events in that calendar will use that account to send invitations.