Problem restoring from backup

Background info:
I am trying to restore a clients mail profile from backup which is not working for me. They had a problem with their client a few months ago and tried to re-setup the mail profile themselves. They must have been POP collecting because after re-setting up the profile they only have mail on their hosted server from the problem on. They did take a backup of the profile before they recreated it (which is what I am trying to restore from). Since they have been working months with the new profile I didn’t want to overwrite it with a restore, so I took a copy of their backup and tried to restore it to a em client profile I set up on my computer.

What I have done:
I installed em client 6 on my computer and setup a dummy account. I have put the backup file in the c:\users{userprofile}\Emclient folder and start the restore. I can see the files being restored to the profile location c:\users{userprofile}\appdata\roaming\em client but as soon as the restore finishes and em client opens again it starts the set up wizard and overwrites the files with default values.

I have a feeling the backup file was corrupt or did not finish as a lot of the files are 0kb however the mail_data.dat is around 8GB. 

Am I doing something wrong with the restore or is there another way to extract the messages from the Dat file directly?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Jamie,

was that backup made in eM Client and do you by any chance have the possibility to export content of the mailbox to another file format or is it the only file you have?
Also I recommend you to install eM Client version 7 as many fixes were done an it can solve your issue.
Try unzipping backup file, it should contain complete eM Client database and try to import it to eM Client
If you have more questions contact me on [email protected]

Hello Anthony,
I have a similar problem, which I have already described in another thread of the Forum.
As the user Jamie said, the restore cannot be done, but differently from what happens to Jamie, eM Client cannot start the restore, because of an “impossible to find data in the backup file” which appears immediately (I translate the meaning the italian version shows in the error’s window).
I tried several tests, followuing several strategies suggested here in the forum by the employees of eM Client, but it is formally impossible to finish the procedure, or to obtain any little improving step: always an error or a void folder within email client…

I have ver. 6 on the original PC, the backup file is from 2014.
I installed as suggested the ver. 7 on another PC, transferred the zip file, but nothing.
I extracted the backup folder, analysed, checked… Nothing.

The manifest.xml file shows database engine 296, the same ver. 6 uses, but I don’t understand which files it is trying to find and open…

Is there a SQLite operation which could at least restore the DATs files to reinoculate them within the backup zip?

Please help, it is important for us to find several old emails which are in the backup.

Thank you in advance,
Sebastiano Ricci
IT Technician

Hello Sebastiano,

Do you by any chance have the v6 database on your PC where it is installed?
It could be used for the restore/Import as backup file is basically zipped database folder.

Hello Anthony,
I have eM Client 6 installed on the working pc, but all 2014 emails are gone. I akso have another test pc in which I can install v6 or v7 if it is the question.
This 2014 bk file I have, is a 4GB weighing fully readable zip (with zip program verifying the consinstency of the data).
Tell me whatever I need to do and I’ll try everything.

Thank you very much!


Are you able to unzip the backup file and run the database repair tool?
Repair tool is located in the installation folder(program files by default) and it is app called Dbrepair.exe
Database should be located in the default directory of eM Client database(C:\Users%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client) and it is stored in the hidden folder.

Hi Anthony!

I must thank you for the assistance!
I moved the existing data from C:\Users%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client to another folder, then extracted the existing 2014 zip file content within the empty DB folder and then started eM Client.
It now can show the content of the old 2014 status quo!
I still don’t find what I was searching for (I should search for 2015 backups…), but I am FULLY satisfied of all your very fast and kind help!!!

Thank you sooooo much!!!


Glad to hear that Sebastiano!
Thank you for using eM Client.