Problem receiving emails after recent emclient update.

EmClient had a system update which I did… and now I am not receiving any incoming email messages. I have a Att Yahoo email and I looked at the pop setting and they are still valid. I can send messages. What is the solution?


We have made some workaround with Yahoo (and Yandex) so it should work now better that before, unfortunately Yahoo’s server are very badly setup so this workaround might not be working for everyone and on 100%.

You can try to send me IMAP logs but I doubt that there will be anything different that in other Yahoo IMAP logs.


Good afternoon.

I also use e-mail Yandex. In Russia this is a very common service. Other e-mail clients (MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera Mail and others) work with Yandex Mail with no problems.

Every time you talk about the use of some patch. Where can I download it? eM Client i upgraded to the latest version, but the connection to the Yandex mail via IMAP does not work anyway

Using POP3 mail Yandex is working fine.

Yes, this is exactly what is wrong with Yandex - their IMAP authentication.

POP3 and SMTP runs fine, usually problems with these two protocols are solvable by altering settings.
IMAP however is different story, we know that other email clients has more functional workarounds (please don’t be fooled they need to overcome same problems as we too) and of course no developer will share their solution with us.

As it was written before, we have no reason to ignore massive market as Russia is, but this is currently out of our hands.

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