Problem opening attachments SOMETIMES

Hi, I have a Exchange account in my company for mail. EM Client works very well like 95% of time. However, in some cases, still cannot detect the rule, if any, the attachments I receive are corrupted. like, opening word document from the attachment, I get the error on document, sometimes its with .xls, sometimes with .pdf, no exemption.
When this happens, I usually reach for backup option sadly, that can be either Outlook or Thunderbird, I download the same mail, and VOILA - the attachment is still there and working.
Now, I am trying to have eM Client as my only reliable client, but with this bug, I am not sure I can stay on it, although it fits all my desires.


It may be an issue with the the way the folder is synced. You can right-click on the folder where the email is located and choose Properties > Repair > Repair.

Once that is done, see if you can open the attachment.

Otherwise, you can try save the attachment first, and see if you can open it from Windows Explorer.

I have tried with saving attachments, no difference.
At the moment I cannot try Repair since I have a licence problem which I am now solving with representatives, however, I am not sure how convenient is that, since Repair is re-downloading everything. Since I have noticed that this behaviour happens once in say 10-20 mails, it is not like one-time problem.
It is strange that I am the only one with the problem? And it is strange that it happens only with eM client, since I am using two more mail clients for the same Exchange account.