Problem - Not receiving email from/in my POP3 account

I have been using eM client Version: 6.0.20648.0 on my HP ProBook 450 G1 /Windows 8.1 Notebook for several months, without having encountered the following problem before now.

I have not received any e-mails since Wed 8 October 2014 at 3:00 pm to the present time. During this period I had been expecting to receive replies from several overseas contacts, but have not received any.

This morning Sat 11 Oct 2014, I sent test e-mails to 4 contacts in Australia, UK, Trinidad & USA, asking them to reply immediately to the test e-mail.

My Australia contact subsequently advised me via Skype text message, that he had replied to my test e-mail, but I have not received his reply.

Due to the time differences relative to my location, I am still waiting to see whether I receive replies from my contacts in the UK (-3 hrs) & Trinidad (-8 hrs), & USA (-12 hrs).

I have also sent test messages to myself from my POP3 e-mail account, & have received them on my POP3 e-mail account.

I phoned my ISP (who is also POP3 email account provider) this morning about the problem, and they also sent me a test e-mail, which I received. (however, so far they have been unable to resolve the problem).

Therefore it appears as though e-mails sent to me from servers external to my ISP servers are not being received by my POP3 account.

The only change that I made from within eM Client, which I made on Wed 8 Oct, was : Menu > Actions > “move to junk and blacklist domain” for 4 suspicious e-mails with the same “subject” (Emissaao e autorzacao da NFe) that I received from 4 different Brazilian e-mail addresses ( have replaced “@” by “_at_” & “.” by “_” :

  • marketing_at_caladaporcelana_com

  • commercial_at_commercials_com_br

  • contabilidade N _at_dentalprado_com

  • michelle_at_barrosterradamagen_net

Note : Normally I would have just blacklisted the e-mail addresses, but I was so fed up receiving suspicious unsolicited e-mail from Brazilian e-mail addresses, that this time I decided to blacklist the domains instead of just the e-mail addresses.

Is it possible that the blacklisting of the domains (server domains ??) of these e-mails, has also effectively blocked ALL e-mails sent via servers that are external to my ISP’s servers ?

I would greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving this problem.

Thank you


Hi Alan, I believe it is not possible that you’ve blocked all external ISP’s by blocking several domains in eM Client. Blacklist should only block communication between the domain not any other domains, so unless your contacts have the same domain, this should not be a problem.

Are your messages available on the server/webmail? Unless the email is available there, this can’t be an eM Client issue but more likely a server issue.

Also try to update to this more recent release of eM Client, since I can see you’re using an older version:

Thank you,

Hi Paul

Thank you very much for your reply and explanation.

In fact I have received replies to all the “test e-mails” that had I sent to my 4 contacts, and  this morning I also received the e-mail reply that I had been expecting since Wed 8 October, all of which confirms that the problem does NOT exist (which as you have explained, it couldn’t).

Apologies for the red herring.



No problem, glad everything is working properly, if you come across any other issues or questions, let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,