Problem new version emClient version 9.2.2041

System: macOS Monterey 12.6.7 (21G651)

emClient version 9.2.2041 (since yesterday, 2023-20-07)

One Email account is bringing down the whole program. Receiving on this mail is possible, all other actions (sending etc.) will freeze the program!

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:
Jean Gangolf

One Email account is bringing down the whole program.

Could be that account that’s crashing might be possibly corrupted in eM Client, so causing it.

If it’s an IMAP, Exchange, Office 365 or iCloud account, suggest to try removing and re-adding that specific account if you haven’t tried already. That would normally fix it if it’s just one account.

On the Mac, go to “eM Client / Accounts” in the menu top left. Then click on your account on the left side and click remove / delete along the top. Then click add account using either the automatic email wizard or manual setup depending on your specific mailbox setup.

If it’s a POP account, create a folder down in eM Client “Local folders” at the bottom left called eg: Old Mail, and then drag all your current POP mail complete with your mail folders down under Old Mail.

Then go to “eM Client / Accounts” and remove your old POP account. Then click Add Account / Mail / Other & choose POP. Once you then have your POP account added back in, drag / move all your Old Mail from local folders backup up to your new Mail account.

Lastly if removing and re-adding your account works, then make a backup of eM Client via the “File / Backup” menu. You can see when the backup is complete in “Show Operations” via the dropdown on the right of Refresh top left.

Hello :slight_smile:

First let me thank you for the fast reply! :slight_smile:

Yes, it is an IMAP account. And I already have removed it a several times, and reinstalled after that.

New account to be installed without PGP. I never had that??!!

Services to install: E-Mail; Calendar etc.

Synchro: all

Download of all, included attachments

I’m getting the message: Access denied*

But at the same time synchronisation is running.

So I stop the synchro. But all incoming mails of the server are then in the emClient program?!

I now turned on the diagnostic of the account. On a first try the SMTP (outgoing mail?) made an error message. After repairing it the diagnostic was OK.

But then I got again the message “Access denied”. An from that point on the coloured “ball” of macOs appeared in emClient and doesn’t stop anymore!

I have another topic going on, may this be a cause to all this mess? Please see here:

Very important: this occurred with the previous version of emClient. But just a day before updating??!!

thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Jean Gangolf

*PS. On this topic, I have contacted my ISP. PW is correct, since I am able to enter my Server with “Webmail” or with the Apple standard app: Mail. Which I don’t like as much as emClient…