Problem moving new events

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the calendar section.
  2. Click and drag to create a new apponitment.
  3. Enter a title, but don’t press Enter/Return.
  4. Use the mouse to try to move the event.

Instead of moving the event, eM Client tries to create another one. This behaviour felt counterintuitive to me.

You have to drag the header of the event.

It doesn’t work even if I drag the header.

I did not notice that you do not press enter. I am sorry but it is necessary and almost every text field works like that.

I’m not aware of any other text fields in eM Client of this type to compare to, but the behaviour is definitely unintuitive. Why should clicking on an existing appointment create a new one?

This problem doesn’t occur in Outlook 2007 or Thunderbird.