Problem mit eM Client 8

heute habe ich zum dritten Mal die neueste Version von eM Client heruntergeladen. Und wieder erscheint hinter meinem gmail account nur ein rotes Dreieck mit Ausrufezeichen. Immer, wenn ich dann die alte Version 7… herunterlade, funktioniert es wieder anstandslos.
Was kann ich tun?

today I downloaded the latest version of eM Client. Like twice before with different 8.2 versions my gmail account does not work. A red triangle with an exclamation mark appears. When I downgrade to eM Client 7… it works fine! My other account (gmx) works without problem.
What can I do?

As a test, can you completely disable any anti-virus, firewall, proxy or VPN, then try again.

Hi Gary,
it’s a miracle (at least for me). After disabling Avast it worked and it still works after I reinstated Avast. Any explanation?

@ThomasFlock I suspect you were lucky after disabling and re-enabling Avast, as you normally have to “disable Avast Incoming Mail Scanning” so Avast is still resident, but just not interfering with the inbound mail. See thread below.

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