Problem Mapi ERP

we use a lot the sending of documents directly from our ERP, but we get an error “Microsoft Outlook is not installed” even if the program is installed but does not open the window for the new eM Client message, if you try to use the right click on a file and use the function send to, the new window opens correctly, but we need the ERP function using MAPI.
Has anyone had the same problem and solved it?

For more information, we use 32-bit operating systems, they are Win 7 or Win 10

On Windows 10, go to your default app settings and scroll down to the bottom, where you can select Set default by app

Scroll down to eM Client, click Manage , and select all the options.

eM Client will now be the default for everything.

See this thread on older versions of Windows.

Hi Cary,
thanks for the reply, I have no problems sending emails from the programs or directly from the desktop with the right mouse button on the file and using send to, either in win7 or win 10, where eM Client is set correctly as default, but the problems there I’m only sending from the company ERP using MAPI to send emails

It just means that eM Client is not set as the MAPI client. In Windows 10 go to Settings > Apps > Default apps > Application by file type > then scroll down to mapifile. (I think, I am not at a Windows 10 computer right now) See if changing that to eM Client helps.

On previous versions of Windows the MAPI client could be set in the Control Panel, but it seems the Redmond Team decided to take that option away in later versions of Windows 10.

Otherwise, as a Pro License user, make use of your VIP support option and open a support ticket directly with eM Client.

You can also confirm if eM Client really is the default in your settings.

If it is not got to Windows 10 settings and use the Manage option I mentioned above and set everything for eM Client.

… in all situations of sending email, from programs (excel, word) or using the function send to, I checked both in the settings (win 7 and win 10) in the associations
 (as in your post indicated) is all correct, but the only thing that does not work is the MAPI function from ERP.
I cannot choose the pro help, because I have not yet subscribed to any subscription because I am considering whether to make the change at all the workstations in the company and this function, which we use so much for its convenience, can be decisive if we buy the product or not. .

OK, you are busy evaluating the product.

Could it be your ERP is a 64bit application?

no my ERP works (for sending emails) only with 32-bit MAPI and my operating systems are 32-bit.
I also hoped in an intervention by eM Client support, even if I appreciate your interest a lot

Problem is probably with Windows which do not allows to set default client for machine.
Check registry key:


and set default value to eM Client.

Beware, this value gets reset after some Windows updates, thus problem could be back.

In Windows 10, on the default app section in settings, you need to scroll to the bottom and choose Set Defaults by App , then click on eM Client and select Manage. If you have everything selected, eM Client will be the MAPI client. 

Unfortunately, no, Gary. There is no simple way to set it to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail registry key.
Settings in UI are for current user only and could not work with some MAPI requests - this is the behaviour seen with many ERP applications.

What is worse, that some updates (probably Office ones) reset above registry key to Microsoft Outlook which break it again.

Ragazzi, chiariamo, come affermato anche dal supporto di eM Client, il programma può utilizzare Simple MAPI per richieste provenienti da programmi (Simple MAPI ha una gestione limitata delle funzioni MAPI, solo 12) mentre i programmi che fanno richieste MAPI, eM Client non lo fanno lo gestisce, molti programmi ERP utilizzano MAPI (praticamente una gamma molto più ampia di funzioni). Pertanto possiamo affermare che se le applicazioni utilizzano Simple Mapi, è possibile apportare modifiche nelle chiavi del Registro di sistema e nelle proprietà del sistema operativo, ma se i programmi utilizzano chiamate MAPI (come molti ERP) non è possibile utilizzare eM Client per inviare posta direttamente dall’ERP ma devi usare (purtroppo) sempre Outlook.
Spero che questa mia esperienza possa aiutare qualcuno o che i programmatori eM Client eseguiranno questa implementazione se vogliono affermarsi anche in azienda.
Buon giorno a tutti.

In previous versions of Windows you could set the MAPI client directly in the Control Panel, but Microsoft decided to remove that option sometime after releasing Windows 10.

I develop databases and when using MAPI for messaging, setting eM Client using all it’s defaults in the Manage option mentioned above works every time. Except of course with 64bit applications that don’t seem to like a 32bit MAPI client.

I have found that it is not necessary to set this value in the registry, but if it works for you, then that is a good solution.

Guys, let’s clarify, as also stated by the support of eM Client, the program can use Simple MAPI for requests coming from programs (simple MAPI has limited management of MAPI functions, only 12) while programs that make MAPI requests, eM Client do not manages it, many ERP programs use MAPI (practically a much wider range of functions). Therefore we can affirm that if the applications use Simple Mapi, it is possible to make changes in the registry keys and in the properties of the operating system but if the programs use MAPI calls (like many ERPs) it is not possible to use eM Client to send mail directly from the ERP but you have to use (unfortunately) still Outlook.
I hope that this experience of mine will help someone or that eM Client programmers will do this implementation if they want to affirm themselves in the company as well.
Good day everyone.