Problem importing POP3 account from Live Mail

I have just installed eM Client, importing accounts from MS Live Mail: two POP3 and one IMAP. The IMAP and one POP3 imported properly, but the second POP3 (Office 365 Outlook account) produced an Inbox, Sent, etc within Local Folders, The account still seemed to work properly, but to get it to appear as a proper mail account I tried deleting the account and then addinging the account within eM Client.  This gave me an IMAP version of it, but the old “Inbox, Sent, …” folders are still there, and cannot be deleted.  How can I remove them?

The Local Folder Inbox etc cannot be deleted as they are system folders required by the application. However, any other folders you create in Local Folders can be deleted.

If you are not using Local Folders, you can hide them from the folder list. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General , and untick Show Local Folders. This will not delete the folders or their contents, it will just hide them from the display.