Problem exporting contacts to vcf file

I export contacts to vcf file, import to Google contacts then sync Iphone to Google contacts through Itunes. Suddenly I can’t export contacts to vcf file. When it asks me to select contacts folder, it will not accept any selection…then tells me to select a folder. Anyone encountered this?? Any ideas??

I upgraded to 4 and now I can’t export my contacts. I don’t see a contacts folder!

I click on contacts, then the next button but it keeps telling me to select a contacts folder!

This should be resolved as far as I know.

George - same problem, not resolved. Like to export my contacts as a csv file.

Exporting of contacts in a csv format is not supported at the moment. Did you try to export them into vcf?

Yes, as James Deragon’s problem, there is no contact folder to select for exporting. Then it tells me to select a contact folder to export and there is none. Yet I have contacts.…

George - here are some snapshots of EM’s messages