Problem banning domain

Hi, I am having problems with an address using
I will get emails every day and each has a different domain address but come from the same domain

This has been happening for quite a while now with the sender changing the complete address probably once a week or so before changing it again!

Banning the domain doesn’t work so what is the answer or cant this be stopped??

Here is an eMC rule to send those emails to the Junk folder, automatically:


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That does not seem like a proper way. I would advise to blacklist domain based on batteryjunction found in address

  1. Blacklist one of the emails
    2 navigate to menu - rules - local rules - blacklist
  2. setup a new rule- contains batteryjuction

Best regards, Robert

Gee, then I guess all my rules 100+, that work perfectly, are “not a proper way”. :thinking:

Blacklist does the same with less stress on the program and with fewer clicks - you need to adjust the rule so it contains only batteryjunction

see example below - Rules / blacklist will both work

“improper” meaning …“not in accordance with accepted rules or standards”. Is there a list of “rules or standards” that I can refer to?

Were you referring above to my rule where you said “you need to adjust the rule…”? Or perhaps you were referring to the "blacklist rule?

Thx fellas, now to see if this stops them - it should!!