Problem adding password protected ical calendar (

Hi everyone,
we am thinking about changing from Thunderbird to emClient.
At the moment we are using several ical Exchange ( calendars, namely one per person. They are password protected under one account, so every calendar has the same username and pw.
In thunderbird it was pretty straight forward to add them with[username]/[calendarname].ics. It would then ask for Username and Password. Done. Easy.

How does it work in em Client? I feel like i am too stupid. Tried it via Accounts too, but can’t seem to find a suitable solution.

Thanks for your help.

Hello Matze,

Have you tried adding the calendar in the same format as you did in Thunderbird through Menu ->Tools -> Subscribe to Internet Calendar? If it doesn’t work, could you please tell us, what exactly happens (do you get an error message, …)? The Internet calendar should work but if your issue persists, we will examine the issue further if you can send us a test account to [email protected] with a link to this thread.

Thank you,

Dear Maurice,
thanks for your help. em client never asks for a username/password following your instructions and when synchronising complains about not getting authorization (obviously).

I anyway gave up on the program now, since it even crashes/gets stuck only when i try to create an imap-mail account.

I never encountered so many problems when trying out a new mail client, so i think we’ll stick to slow but reliable Thunderbird.

Thanks and regards.

Hello Matze,

We’re sorry that you aren’t happy with eM Client. Crashing on account set up is certainly not standard behavior and we would of course be willing to look into it if you were interested in pursuing the matter further.

The solution to adding a password protected iCal could probably be adding the login/password inside the URL. We’d be happy to have a look if we had an account to test it on.


Sorry to re-open a year old thread but I am having a similar issue trying to connect to .ics files that are stored on our OwnCloud based server.

The Internet Calendar is successfully added but when it tries to download the contents it fails with an error: “The remote server returned 401 (unauthorised)”.

If you can let me know what information you need and how to get it to you privately then I can create an account for you to use for testing.


Internet Calendars are read-only, public shared calendars so there is usually no need for authorization. It would be interesting to see how the solution Maurice suggests by adding the credentials inside the url is done. Personally I would not recommend that method because the username and password would be visible in the url. Something like http://user:[email protected]/calendarurl.ics. This is completely unsecured.

You could open a support ticket with eM Client and see what they say.

The .ics files we have are for employees internal shared calendars and are stored on our own OwnCloud server.  In OwnCloud the staff are separated into different groups depending on function and the .ics files are only made accessible to the appropriate groups rather than globally.

In Outlook on Windows, when adding the internet calendar it asks for login details.

I have tried the form of the URL you suggest but eM Client still returns a 401 unauthorised error when trying to access the .ics file.

I’ll try turning off the password protection on one of the files and see what happens!


That was just an idea of what I thought Maurice was suggesting. I did not think it would work, but he must have had some idea about it.

I have the same user case as Andy_Pont (internal owncloud calendar). Employees here are using ical (osx) and others use linux calendars, and they can all can access the calendar using their username and password except em client. Inserting it in the URL will not work. It’s really a shame as this is a big issue.

Adding it as an Internet Calendar means for read-only public calendars.

Did you try adding it as a CalDAV account?

Hi Gary
CalDAV will not work as it is indeed a read-only internet calendar but private (with username and password). And the ‘internet calendar’ is hosted locally in our Owncloud…so it’s a ‘intranet calendar’ if you want.
It’s just wierd that everyone else manages to make this work except me as the only em client user :wink:

Yeah, unfortunately eM Client doesn’t offer credentials for ics.

How about putting them in the uri, so http://user:password@ical uri

This was already suggested by a previous post but it doesn’t work. I don’t think it worked for anyone else as far as I can see.

Yes, I see I did suggest that myself a couple of years back and even commented that I did not think it would work. I did not see the whole thread when I replied today. Sorry. :blush:

I guess now that eM Client’s 8.1 supports Owncloud, that hasn’t changed anything. How about help from the Owncloud forum?