If I purchase the PRO and upload the software on 2 computers. Can both computers have the same email. So I can work my emails from either computer? Ex If I delete an email on computer 1 I also want it to have veen deleted on computer 2, is that possible?

I am a user:
It is my understanding one pro license for one pc   and one free license is for onc pc also.
Pro can have unlimited email accounts  to access,  Free can only access 2
Here is some info from their site in the past. 

eM Client licenses are meant to be used on one computer only, so if you have one eM Client license and are using eM Client on two or more computers, you will be asked to re-activate your eM Client license each time you switch between the computers.

To answer your question about 2 pc  using the same email account    as long as the protocol is IMAP then the answer is yes.   If one pc deletes an email on say account 1  then the second pc looking at the same email account it will also disappear.  

I need pro as I have many account.  My wife needs 2.  So I have pro on my pc and she is using the free  version on her own pc. We both look at one account that we share.  If she deletes an email message it disappears from the same account on my PC.   My license is under my email account   my wife’s is under her own email account on her own pc .   

If your email is setup via a IMAP server then whatever you do on one computer concerning that email account is reflected on any computer also getting email from the same email address.


You answer your company email at home and at work. The email account is an IMAP account. At home you delete a certain email. Then you go to the office and check your email - That email does not show up there. Thats because you have already deleted it. Think of your two computers as mirrors of what is on the email server. If you delete the email from the email server then any computer accessing that email account will also show it as deleted.

So, The licensing doesnt have anything to do with seeing an email that you already deleted. It has to do with how you get your email off the email server.

In my understanding, A free license gives you access to one email account. If you want more than one email account in emclient then you buy a pro license.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

A Free Licences is for personal use only, and allows 2 email accounts.