Pro Trial License Missing After Update

Sent an email earlier to in an attempt to request a new license key at 1:30 today and still have not received a reply.  Been trying this program for 2 days, then I installed the update at lunch today and it is no longer licensed.  I’m am using the free pro trial.  Can someone help me here?

I have the same issue after updating to the latest version.

Hello Ken, if you’ve lost your license you can use the lost activation key option on our site, also please note that as a Free license user you’re not entitled to any priority support, if you require faster responses, you can always purchase the PRO license at to get access to the priority support at


Well, it seems like this was all a dream of some kind, because it didn’t recognize any of my email addresses when trying to secure a new authorization key.  Disappointed, but not giving up on you.  Uninstalled for now, but will take another look when version 7 comes out.  From a marketing standpoint, I’d look take a look at your update/lost activation key issue.  From what I’m reading here, I’m not the only one that had this issue, and most people won’t give you a second chance.  Thanks for your response.

I’m with Ken on this one. I was able to use the app for all of a few hours before the update was released. I am most definitely a “Pro” user (I’m a technology consultant with internal mailboxes as multiple clients) and am looking for alternatives to Thunderbird. In order to fully vet the product before I purchase a license for myself and others on my team, I most definitely need to test it out for at least a couple of weeks of daily use.

The workaround to register for a free license does not work for me, as I’m now limited to only using 2 mailboxes.

I really shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to complete my Pro Trial. If this isn’t automatically resolved, or at least resolved with minimal effort, the team is unlikely to win the business of a small consulting company that also makes software/tech recommendations to other small companies.

Hello Marcus, I’m sorry for this temporary issue, if you require a testing license for evaluation purposes, please contact me at or contact our sales department at either way we can create a temporary license for testing for you and your colleagues if necessary, just let us know.