Pro trial and free version

I keep being reminded that my Pro trial finishes in a few days but I never asked for one. Will there be any problem continuing the free client when the time comes? The “choose free/Pro” window is too small, won’t maximise and I cannot interact with it.

Read this topic, maybe it will help.

Thanks, but the “Buy Pro Licence” nag screen still appears when I open the program (several times.) Assume this will disappear when the trial (which I didn’t know was in effect !) runs out in a few days ?

The trial is about 30 days. You can check the end date for your trial by going to Menu>Help> License.
The license should give you the details of your current license. The nag screen appears about 5 days before the trial ends and shows up every time you start emclient until the day after your trial period ends. The day after the trial period ends , the nag screen will indicated -1 days left. It appears the once the -1 days left message appears and you enter emclient the emclient license server is notified you are out of your trial period and then at one of the next logons of emclient you will see a screen to end the trial period. Once you end the trial period and do not Buy Pro, your license will be set to free and only the capabilities of a free license will remain. the nag screen will never appear again. If you check your License type on the Menu>Help> license screen, it should then say license type: Free.

My trial period ends next Friday, so I am giving you information that was forwarded to me by 3 or 4 others whose trial period ended a couple weeks ago.

Thanks very much for that Al. As you say the licence info does say " Free (V8 trial until Wed 12 08) " and free is all I ever asked for.
Best wishes

Good information, Al. Thanks. :smile: