Pro License Activation Key

I purchased a pro license a few months ago but I have since bought a new laptop and I want to use my pro em client account on the new laptop. I installed em client on my new machine but I have not been able to locate my pro license key. My free trial on the new laptop has now expired so I do not have access to any new emails on that machine any longer.
I have used the website Lost Activation Key | eM Client to try and get the activation key sent to me but I do not receive any email with the activation key. I have tried this several times and it seems to work without error but no email is received. I have checked spam etc.
I have not yet deactivated my License on my original machine because I will not have access to any new emails at all then.
Can you help me please? Is it possible to have the activation key sent to an alternative email address?

I tested it, and it’s working.

Can you check your email through the web interface for your email provider? Maybe the message is there and not syncing with eM Client. Check both the Inbox and Spam folder for your registered address.

It is not possible to have the key sent to an alternative address, but you could write to eM Client ( and ask them for assistance.

Have you opened a support ticket, using a high priority, outlining the steps you have taken without a response?