Pro and/or Lifetime License ?

Multiple licensing questions - may seem basic, but confused (am sure not the only one).  If you purchase a lifetime license, does this give you all future PRO versions of eM Client software (not the free version) at no additional cost as far as only licensing the software (not including the VIP Support costs)?  Does the lifetime license only give you protection as far as varied length of the product lifecyle as far as version, for example, one version last 8 months and another lasts 14 months, if have need to buy the PRO VIP Support costs annually.  The PRO license cost is a separate cost outside of the Lifetime license cost, right?  How easy is it to upgrade from a Free license to a PRO + Lifetime license (though personally waiting until version 7 is available before taking action), automatic or is intervention required by the sales department?  If buy PRO + Lifetime upgrades and before a year is up, and wish to keep the Lifetime upgrades but not the PRO support portion, can you cancel the auto renewal, but still get PRO versions of the software for all future versions, but just not receive the VIP Support?

Hello, not completely sure what you’re referring to as PRO renewal, eM Client does not currently apply any monthly or annual fee for PRO support, even though support options may be a subject of change with future releases, it is currently guaranteed you’ll receive VIP support if you purchase the application and update your license.
As eM Client is an application that is constantly being improved, we can only guarantee support for the current releases as most of our users still adopt the latest release. If you’d purchase a single PRO license you can still update to future releases using a single upgrade or purchase the lifetime upgrades anytime after your purchase. 

Each single license purchase however is guaranteed to receive support for the following year, without the need or being forced to update to newer releases.

Another question, is there a license plan for *non-commercial* residential customers who wish to use eM Client with more than two email accounts as for example families, want *lifetime software* upgrades for future versions, but are *not* interested in VIP Support (rather having questions and issues answered here by the user forum)?  If it does not exist today, it would be good to have with version 7, something in between the free and the Pro versions.

Hello, unfortunately there’s currently no other option for purchasing the application, you can only select to purchase the PRO version which automatically includes VIP support and the option to add an unlimited number of accounts.

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll be considering including more options to purchase the application.