'Priority field' for 'tasks'

hi there. I like your software!!, however there is one issue that I would like fixed. When creating tasks / ‘to do’ lists, the most important column for me is ‘priority’ - which I find essential since that is how I sort my tasks - and it appears that your software does not have ‘priority’ as a task property at all. If you want to see what a ‘task list’ well done looks like, check out the ‘Astrid’ app on android - which is what I use to synch my google tasks with. Many thanks, Peter Ritter

I double the above suggestion.
It’s a deal breaker for me regarding whether I’ll continue using em Client.

Related suggestions:

  • Allow to display “No Date” tasks at bottom (rather than on the very top, before “Today”);
  • Remember collapsed state of the task groups (similarly to Outlook). For instance, allow to permanently collapse all “No date” tasks (if sorted/grouped by due date), so if it’s event on top, it’s not so distractable.

Absolutely agree with both of the former posters. Task Priority is CRITICAL!! I think a dropdown list of the priorities would be good (my suggested priorities: Urgent, High, Medium, Low, Maybe Someday)

It can’t be that much effort! In the words of Nike “Just do it!”

Also a field like resource needed for the task would be very useful escpeially if you want to follow GTD. e.g. what task required network, phone, etc.


task priority can be set by making own category called low/mid/high for example and then setting it like it.

to that resources field, I thought that description field fits this very well, you can write all you need there so you will always see what you need to have/do to complete that task.
Or have I understood it bad?


Hi Jan,

I’ll write about priority field only, since that was my own question.

The main flaw I see with using categories is that they’re not synched with Google in particular (see https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…).
Once I’ve tried using iCloud for tasks synchronization and the experience was even worse.
Thus, I’ve resorted to using folders (rather than categories) for categorizing tasks (like Personal, Business, Shopping, etc).

I know that “priority” field was not available in Google Tasks 1 year or 2 ago, but now I see that at least some Google Tasks clients have a “priority” field, like

In the ideal world (that’s the setup possible in Outlook, btw),
I would like to see my tasks as follows:

  1. Grouped by due date (with overdue tasks at bottom);
  2. Sorted by folder, than priority, then reminder time.

As a bare minimum, I would research what field(s) can be used to specify priority in Google Tasks and iCloud, so that the changes are synchronized with cloud.

I’m using Windows, MacOSX, iPhone and iPad, so the priority field has to be synchronized with cloud somehow.

As for now, I’ve resorted to using WunderList for tasks.
Although not prefect, it supports all of the above mentioned platforms.



to be honest I can’t find priority setting/s in Gmail’s tasks at all, plus eM Categories are what Gmail calls labels.

Do you mean by priority by any chance situation that Gmail can sort task’s order?
This is something we know about, but it is not yet implemented in eM Client.

Anyway if there is really some field called “priority” in Outlook that might be something available only for them or from paid Google apps and stuff like this, which we can’t support,

with regards

Hi Jan,

If eM categories will be synched with GMail labels in v6 (as mentioned in https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…) - that would be great!

>Do you mean by priority by any chance situation that Gmail can sort task’s order?
If you mean manual arrangements of tasks - I would say yes, that would add much benefit (at least, that will allow to manually rearrange tasks in eM client and keep that arrangement in mobile Google Tasks client).

Although manual arrangement is a different feature, having little to do with assigning task priorities, I think it’s also much wanted.
And if you can’t find priority field in Google Tasks API, this may be a good complementary / workaround.

If maintaining the order of tasks (synched with Google) appears to be quite difficult to implement, I’d rather look into implementing sorting and grouping, similarly to Outlook (see my above posting for the sorting / grouping scenario that I prefer to have, for example).

>Anyway if there is really some field called “priority” in Outlook that might be
>something available only for them or from paid Google apps and stuff like this
AFAIK Outlook has no built in integration with Google Tasks, so we can’t have a direct comparison.
But I like the way how task priorities are implemented in Outlook (when using local Tasks, or working with Exchange server), and you may refer to the Outlook UI, as well as sorting / grouping to see what’s wanted UI - wise.



Gmail labels as described in that link are still planned and most likely will be implemented, but still I do not promise this

Synchronizing arrangements could be possible, but it is not implemented I will write this to requests and we will discuss it.

Setting priority manually is wanted, but not planned as it would make problems with synchronization with server that does not support it. Simply we can’t add features not supported by servers otherwise they would be local only and therefore useless for email client.

Making it look like outlook would destroy our design or required reworking of big part of code.

Anyway I will write down this topic and will discuss it with superiors on meeting, I will try to push some kind of priority as I myself could use it, but I can’t promise anything…

with regards

I’ve been prioritizing my tasks by simply putting a number at the beginning of the task summary, then letting eM Client sort alphabetically by the summary column. It’s a bit simplistic, but it works. I read that the GTasks Android app can also sort alphabetically, so items would come out sorted the same on your mobile device this way.  
I agree with Alex that adding support for manually arranging tasks would also be good as that’s something that Google supports.
I don’t blame eM Client as Google is the one that needs a more robust task manager.

Hi, it’s now four years after the last post, and exchange server based tasks still don’t show the priority field. I guess this is not happening any time soon?
For people like me, who uses the MYN (master your now) method, not been able to order tasks by priority is a deal breaker.
Please, think about this. It’s not hard for what I can tell, just add a priority field to the tasks, and allow to order by it. If another service (Google maybe) do not have this field, it can be just left blank.
Thanks for listening.
E. H.

I agree that priority is essential.  The whole purpose of Tasks is to prioritise your work so you need a priority field.  If you sync your Tasks with other apps, they have priority fields.  Please put one in.

I am synchronising eM Client with a IceWarp Server. There in the WebClient the priority field is available… So please put it also in the eM Client. Thank you.

I’d like to reopen the issue once again - if it is not mentioned anywhere else once more. I’d very appreciate this feature. What I do now for prioritizing is I set a Percentage done from highest to lowest and use it in secondary sorting. This is one of not suitable solutions as well as writing numbers before the task name. Please, would you consider to add this feature into the Tasks?

I do the same as was suggested back in 2013; I have three categories (now called tags) low, medium and high. Then I sort my tasks by tag and then by date.

For me that works just fine as they are synced with my phone, which doesn’t have a priority field either.