printing in the program is very limited. Is there plans to expand printing of contacts/records?

Hello Tim,

Have you explored all of the printing options that are accessible through Menu -> File -> Print Preview when you are viewing the Contact folder you would like to print? You can select the sorting method and the print style. Both of these options are located in the upper right corner of the Print preview window. If this doesn’t help, could you please describe what you are missing?


Thank you so much for your reply Maurice.
Yes I did explore that option in print preview. The output is very limited as to what fields i will be printed. If it’s possible I would like to be able to select the fields that are in the contacts to print a list to be distributed to the contacts in that list. Such as a Christmas card list for instance. Where the address, complete is listed in the printed output.


How about this a a workaround-- right-click on a column header using “phone List” or “custom view”. Click on “Columns configuration”. Choose the columns you wish to display. Select all of the contacts. Right-click and select “Export list” and “Export to csv”. You can then open the csv file in a spreadsheet and print from there or use it as a database.

Great idea! except my version of em do not support csv???


Hello Tim,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We will file this thread under Ideas.

The best way of going about this is currently what Jay has described. If you can’t find the ‘Export to CSV’ option could it be that you are accessing the Export through Menu->File->Export? The option ‘Export to CSV’ is available through right-clicking the selected contacts ->Export list.



Hi All,

  I agree with Tim. Printing options are limited. As an example, we can’t choose the number of time we want to print a mail. Is there an improvement for this part?



I love the application - but hate the limited printing. I would like to be able to print out a daytimer page (action items, calendar, notes) for the day. Are there any plans to improve the print capabilities. I see it’s been requested for 3 years now.

It just seems that hard-copy printouts of calendars is a regression in technology. :wink:

But there is a new redesigned version of eM Client due out in the Spring, Ed. Who knows what changes are to be discovered?