Printing with scale not working

Hi, I have been using em Client for many years, in between switched to Mailbird because of poor handling of outlook mail, and now switch back to EC because of MB problem now with personal outlook email.

With the exactly same steps in printing email into adobe pdf, I cannot get EC to print the email content to scale, whereas MB works perfectly.

in EC, print to scale will only scale down the page into smaller footprint on the page. If 10 pages with 50% scale, it will still print 10 pages and each page with 50% smaller printing area at the center wasting all surrounding paper space.

in MB, print to scale will adjust the page accordingly. If 10 pages with 50% scale, it will print in full page with smaller scale and end up with 6-7 pages.

Both are using adobe printing properties with exactly same UI. So this is the email software problem. Please advise on how to solve this.


Unfortunately we don’t offer that option. Sorry.

It has been requested before and is on a feature request list to be considered for future development.