Printing the Candar

When I try to print the monthly calendar, (1) the appointment time does not show up, (2) events are cut off much that I can’t see all the information (not even enough to be helpful).

Hi Barb, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About? Are you having issues while displaying the print preview? Use the print preview feature in order to check the predefined printing preferences if they match what’s been printed using the application.

Also please check what version of Internet Explorer you’re using on your computer, and please make sure you’re using the latest available version, as eM Client is currently using some of the application’s core features.


First thing checked was the version. It says no updates available. The version is 6.0.21372.0. Also, I guess I am very confused. I thought eM client was a stand-alone, not web-based. But if that’s the case, why would it matter the version of browser I use (just for downloading??). I do not use IE; I use Chrome. I have found that the Print Preview shows the appointment times, and if I print from there, the appointment times show up. However, the events are still cut off so much that I can’t even tell for sure what the event is. The only way I am able to print a usable calendar from eM client is to do a screen shot. Other suggestions, please?? Help me understand about the web suggestion?

As I’ve suggested, eM Client is using some of Internet’s Explorer core features as it’s built on the .NET framework, we’re currently working on a new release of eM Client that will allow us to move the use of core feature over to webkit rather than IE, which should help us resolve some issue more quickly, however some of the core features are currently dependent on the Internet’s Explorer version installed on your computer.

If you’re having issues with the print preview feature as well, please make a screenshot of the issue from the print preview and submit it to us here on the forum.

Thank you,

Okay, I have made sure my .NET frmework is updated. This screenshot is from the Print Preview, after I have changed the margins from .5 to .3. It’s like each event box is only allowed so many characters, so they are all cut off, even though there is still plenty of room in the date box. This renders the calender unusable for printing.

Hi again Barb, this unfortunately seems to be the default print view and how the calendar should look for printing. If you need a more detailed list of your events you can print out the agenda of your calendar, but unfortunately Month view only allows you to display each event per line.