Printing Selected Pages

The latest version of eM Client appeared to have solved the issue of not being able to print selected pages of an email thread. However, when I used it, the dialogue box allowed the option, but on pressing “Print”, the printer hung. There is a document in the print queue, but it doesn’t spark the printer into life. Also, then clearing the print queue seems to take a number of attempts.  I’ve tried leaving the computer for half an hour, in case the process was slow, but with not effect. 
I can still print the full thread, but when there are a number of emails in the thread, it prints the oldest email first, and duplicates the emails a number of times. So, what could be a three page print, for example, takes up seven or eight pages. 
Finally, is there any way to edit the email thread before printing, so I get rid of repeated corporate logos etc.

Hello Nicholas,
the new print issues are unfortunately connected to the chromium core we now use and we are trying to work them out.
Do you experience the duplicated emails even when you export the message into PDF file?


The pdf is exactly like the printed version: the oldest email is first (I’d prefer the newest - like Outlook). Also, I think what is happening is that if the sent or received message has previous messages included as part of the email, these get printed too.  So if there is an exchange of emails a number of times, the length of each email will grow on each occasion, and a print out will include the first email in every subsequent email.
I can see why this might happen, so if the software can’t overcome this, being able to edit the thread before printing would help save paper.

I’m mot sure if this helps, but i found that if you print using menu/file/print, every email in the conversation prints. If you click the down arrow on a specific email and chose print, only that email prints, which, of course, contains the entire string.

I see, so the issue with the ‘duplicate’ part of the conversation is the conversation history included inside the messages.
Removing the parts with the history would be the only workaround in this way.
I’d suggest choosing the Selected pages to print and then print to PDF first. And then print that PDF.
Or, if you own any PDF editing software you can just print to PDF and edit the file then, before printing it.


I can do that, but it’s an inconvenience that detracts from the value of the software.
If the print selected pages option didn’t hang, that would also help.

We can’t just ‘print to pdf’; we first need to save it with a filename in a separate directory. As Nicholas writes ‘it detracts from the value of the software’.