printing mailing labels

I am trying to move a client to eM Client and she was very happy then… she asked how to print mailing labels and I was unable to find it anywhere.

How do you do it in eM Client? If it can’t be done, she likes the program enough that she is willing to export a list to another program.

I find it strange that when entering an address into eM Client it asks for additional mailing label information yet does not seem have a function to print labels.

As a side note - she has not been too consistent about whether she put the address in work or home address, if that changes the advice.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help solve this.

Hi, I’m not completely sure what you’re trying to achieve, do you want to print an email or a contact list with additional information as types of emails?

If you’re trying to print out a contact list, you have to go to Contacts, switch to Custom view or Phone list and select the columns you want to be printed out. To do so you have to right click the current columns and select Columns configuration. Only the columns displayed in that view will be printed after using the print feature.

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No she is trying to print out mailing labels. For sending snail-mail postcards, Christmas Cards and letters (the kind in envelopes that a postal employee delivers to the recipient by hand).

Oh ok, this is currently not possible in eM Client, unfortunately.

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How about a function to export a set of contacts to do that in an external program?

You can export contacts from a specified folder into .vcf (VCard) files or you can select the contacts in the contacts view. Right clicking the selection allows you to select Export > Export into CSV, so you can also export for Excel etc.

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Can we make mailing labels now with eM?  

The only way is to export to a csv file then import into Word. You can import them into excel if you need to edit them.…

Are we able to print mailing labels now? This is a basic function and it seems it should have been added by now.  Please advise.  

In all the years I’ve worked in office settings, when it was time to print mailing labels, we used Word or other word processing programs, not email clients.  Word has support for multiple size/type labels that are ready to stick and can be purchased at any office store or even dollar store.  As noted above, you can export/import the data from eM Client into Word or Excel.  Good luck.

Yes I made a template that creates mailing labels from an EM Client contact export.

Because EM Client is not directly responsible for all of the fields, the individual cloud service (Gmail, iCloud, misc. CardDAV server,, EAS server) determines much of the field structure, the code gets a bit messy. but it works.

I haven’t tried it yet with V7 or Word 2016 to see what needs to be changed.

You can print mailing labels or address lists in Outlook and that has been available for well over 10 years.  You can even print them by category eg xmas address lists!!  Surely that is what many people would like to see in EMClient