Printing mail, date format in header is mm/dd/yyyy regardless of language settings

Cant’ seem to change the date format of the header in printed mails.
To make things worse, the date format is that stupid american one, e.g. month/day/year.
Is there a way to change it?

Sounds like you haven’t changed the “language” setting to (in my case) stupid “English - United Kingdom” - The date prints fine for me.

the date format is taken from your Windows settings. Make sure your Country/Region/Formats setting is not set to US.


Oh it’s his stupid Windows setting not his stupid eM Settings.  How stupid of me.

Thank you for your help, makes sense to use the OS settings for that kind of stuff.
The machine in question runs German XP, and the region settings are set accordingly.
Any other ideas?.

To be clear, what I mean is the header line, that can be turned on in the page settings, where the user name can also be printed, not the mail header.

I see, could you please check if you really have the European date format set in these regional settings?…


Hi Olivia,
thank you for following up on this.
Below you’ll find a screen shot from the control panel. Seems correct to me.

In the mean time I have opened a ticket:
Ticket ID: 43189
Subject: Printing mail, date format in header is mm/dd/yyyy regardless of language settings
Department: eM Client Support

I see, very strange… If you have opened a ticket someone from our Support engineers will be able to check your issue in more detail.
I suggest forwarding this screenshot to the ticket as well.

Just as a followup, I have received a reply from Pro support, seems  to be an issue that’s going to be fixed soon.

> We are developing a new update which should help with any print issues and should be
> released within a month.