Printing issue

When I print an email, part of the message is cut off. The printed copy seems to be cut-off, although there is plenty of room on the paper.  When I look at the print preview, it shows the entire page printed correctly.

A work-a-round would be, while in Printer Preview under the File Menu, to set the page percentage to something lower, such as 90%.  

Is Shrink To Fit selected in Printer Preview?

If it is, and your email still gets cut off, while in Printer Preview, this time click on the printer ICON on the left when in Printer Preview, then click the Preferences box on the right of that dialog box.  That will open another dialog box with tabs at the top. Click on Page Setup. Here you can actually tell your printer how you want your email to print.  You might want to click on Fit-to-Page, for example, and then click OK at the bottom of that box.  Now your printer knows to fit the email to one page.

Another reason your email may be getting cut off is if you printer has larger margins than the actual area allowed for printing one page.  This should only happen if Shrink-to-Fit is not selected in either eM Client or your printer setup, however.

I am having the same print issue and tried all of the suggestions mentioned above but the right side of my email is still cutting off when I print.  Even if I change the size in the Shrink to Fit down to 50% it does shrink the email but still cuts off part of the right side of the email. 

same here

As a last resort, I would try setting the right and left margins to something smaller.  Go to File/Print Preview and click the blue gear wheel (settings) to the right of Landscape view.  There you will see the Margins box where you can reduce the right and left margins. Give both the same reduction to keep the page centered.  Click Ok and look in Page View to see if you notice any difference, if text on the far right starts to show up… text that was cut off before.

Just as reference info, my margins are all set to 0.75 by default (imagine yours are too).  This may mean nothing because I don’t print out emails usually.  Which is to say I could experience the same problems you both are experiencing if I did print.  And if I did, I would do the above, which should make a difference.  If not, then eM Client programmers might have some work to do. 

Patrick, see my comment above yours - a response to Carol Stiehr.  

Thanks.  I had tried this previously.  I set them all (R&L) to 0.5.  It did move everything over to the left so I could tell the margin was smaller but it still cut off everything on the right side.  It is really strange because there is tons of room on the paper.  It is not an issue of it spilling off the page.  The cut off begins with probably 3" left on the right side of the paper.  I am working on Windows 10.  I am wondering if it is just a glitch with that operating system and eM.  

It might be a problem between the printer and Windows 10, and/or eM Client and the printer.  I have had times where my printer margins where set for a smaller area than the margins allowed within an application.  The end result is part of the page getting cut off.  

The 3" left on the right side of the paper suggests the printers margins are way too small.  I would not be afraid to set the right and left margins both to zero to see what Page Preview shows in eM Client.

On a side note: Because of the problems you are having, I went into my Windows 10 control panel (for me: Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Devices and Printers/Canon iP2700 series/Download Software) to get to my Ink Jet printer (iP2702) and noticed that I could click a “download software” link (see in above path) to update the generic driver I was using.  It sent me to Canon’s website to download the current driver for my printer, which I did.  

Not sure if this will make any difference over the generic one Windows 10 was using, but I do like to have the most recent drivers from the product manufacturer up-to-date.  If you haven’t done this, you may wish to do so.

This is about as far as I can go with suggestions to solve the problem.  Good luck.

I appreciate your suggestions and hopefully some might help Patrick or others with similar issues.  Unfortunately, my print driver is very current for my printer.  Also you mentioned to set both margins to zero and look at Print Preview in eM.  The interesting thing about Print Preview is no matter what my margins are set at, the Print Preview screen appears fine - nothing cut off.  Then, when I actually print, it cuts off the right side so it is clearly not printing what I see in Print Preview.  Thanks again!

Your previous suggestion says:  “If it is, and your email still gets cut off, while in Printer Preview, this time click on the printer ICON on the left when in Printer Preview, then click the Preferences box on the right of that dialog box.  That will open another dialog box with tabs at the top. Click on Page Setup.”
There is not tab that says “page setup” there are only “Layout” and "Paper/Quality tabs.  Thanks for your efforts to help.

Patrick… When in Print Preview (under File Menu in eM Client 6) click on the Print (printer ICON picture upper left) then while in that Print dialog box find the Preferences box on the far right center in it. Click it and you will get the Printing Preferences dialog box to open, and in that dialog box you will find the Page Setup tab.  See the attached:  

Hey guys,

First of all, big thanks to mustangace, he pretty much suggested what I would. I’d also recommend checking Internet Explorer print settings (even on Windows 10, there is still Internet Explorer, simply launch it through search) for any erroneous margin settings. Preferably go to IE settings and reset everything to default.


It is not the margins. As carol stiehr said, in print preview the page looks fine. Nothing is cut off on the right side. But when printed, the right side of the page is cut off. I tried the suggestions, but the problem persists. I am not close to being an expert, but I do not think it is a margin problem.

I think you mean it’s not a print preview problem.  There is a margin problem somewhere.  If there wasn’t the printed page would not be cut off.  Would be nice to find it, though.

I see what you are saying. You are right. I guess what I meant was somewhere between the preview and the actual printing, the right margin is shifted to cut off about 1/3 of the text.

One other thought that occurred to me is paper size, such as printout set for photo, standard, or some other size.  The wrong paper setting could affect margin settings, too.  

Also, a landscape setting could affect a “normal” portrait type printout, but in that case would cut off text at the bottom.     

Hi David. Carol here back in the mix. I had given up and have just been forwarding any emails I need to print to my husband who has Thunderbird and printing from there. Anyway, I really don’t understand why a web browser (which I don’t use by the way) would have anything to do with an email program.

Hi Mustangace. I think Patrick and I may be in the same boat. When I follow your instructions above, within the Preferences box I do not have a Page Set Up Tab. I only have Layout and Paper/Quality Tabs. Then if I click on the Advanced box I have: Size, Quality and Grayscale and they aren’t tabs just more of a tree. No Page Set up Tab anywhere to be found… Thanks so much for all your help. Carol

The view you get could be due to the type of printer you own or the operating system you use.  I am running Windows 10 Pro and use a Canon PIXMA iP2702 inkjet printer.

You might need to find your printer from the Control Panel (unless you know an easier way to get to it).

Then double click on your printer (the default printer has a green check mark). Another window with your printer should show, and there should be a link you can click,  Display Printer Properties , and   dialog a box should appear where you can click on Preferences (see below) to get to your printer page and margin settings.  

I think getting into your printer settings should be much easier than this but this is where you need to go to make sure that your actual printer is set the way you want it.

If none of this helps, you may need to visit the manufacturer’s website to get more information about where the margin setting are located for your printer.  There has to be some somewhere.    

Thanks so much Mustangace. I have Windows 10 and an HP8600. Followed your instructions above and could not find margin settings anywhere (just layout, paper, quality, etc). I think I had tried this back early on when I first posted but decided to follow your instructions and make sure I didn’t miss them somewhere. They are definitely not somewhere obvious as you describe so I think I will take your advise and see what the manufacturer has to say. Carol