Printing Event Details?

I have a user who needs (wants?) event details printed along with event titles. Is this something that can be added to a future release?

I should clarify: They want event details–the same ones that show in “Detail View” (when printing)–to show when printing in “Day View”.

I am sorry but this is not possible at the moment. I can add it to our list of feature requests if you want, but that is the only thing I can do.

Please do. We’ll look forward to it!

No problem.

I was disappointed to not see this in version 6.

Can you recommend any other product that does this? I have to move this department off our legacy system, to which they are clinging because it supports this feature which they say is critical to their workflow.

Hi, I am sorry but we will not suggest any other email client.


Thank you for your reply.

I am not looking for an e-mail client. I am looking for a CalDAV client that will allow printing of events in a Daily view that includes the event’s “Description” or “Notes” field.

eM client is STELLAR in all other respects, and I have been recommending it to anyone who asks me about it. But we really need this feature here, and I’m forced to look elsewhere for it. :frowning:

but eM Client can work with calendars also and it supports CalDAV too so I really can’t and will not suggest any other product then ours.

I hope you understand it.


I Do!!

We hope you’ll consider implementing the feature we were hoping to see.