Printing emails painfully slow

Hello All,

We’ve had this problem with em client for quite a while now. We use it in our office over three different machines, we frequently print off emails but each time we select the option to print and email, the preview box that comes up has to display that actual email, other wise if you hit print before the email is displayed, you get a blank page out of the printer!

So wait for the preview box to display the email before you print it, I hear you say - and here’s the problem, it’s so painfully slow in generating the preview that it’s almost unsusable.

Now when I say this, I mean literally it can take 20 to 30 seconds to do the preview, now when you consider we’re doing this all day every day on and off, it becomes a real issue. We never had this issue when we first started using it, it happened after an update.

This happens on all the machines, they’re not slow machines either. I don’t know if em client struggles to load the email footer graphics in the preview and that’s what slows it down, or if it’s just slow printing off emails but either way, in a work scenario this is a real problem. I think we will be forced to move to a different email client if we can’t resolve it.

Any help or knowledge on this issue would be gratefully welcomed!

You mentioned footer graphics. Is this problem only with messages that have graphics?

eM Client creates a pdf file for the preview, and it is immediately present in my Temp folder when I enter the Print Dialogue. Maybe there is something connected with creating the pdf that is causing the issue on your computer.

I suggest you open a support ticket directly with eM Client. They will be able to assist you further after the weekend.

Hi Gary,
I tried turning off the header/footer graphics option on the print view box, that has slightly improved it but it’s still taking ages on other emails even with that option permanently off now.

It does seem quicker to print if I print a customers email that doesn’t have any footer graphics.
I have previously opened support tickets for this but never got anywhere. I’ve been asked to change a few settings but it never improved. We were due a remote viewing session so the guy could have a look, that was over one Christmas holiday actually, I came in for the session and he never turned up!

So for anyone reading this I would say steer clear. I think if you’re using em client for low personal usage it’s fine but anything other than that it’s really not up to it, plus the support isn’t good, other than these forums of course.

We’ve had this situation for over 12 months, probably nearer two years actually, so I’m looking for an alternative if anyone has any recommendations?

Don’t really think that is an appropriate question to ask on an eM Client forum. :sweat_smile:

Saying that, there is a wikipedia page that has a comparison of most mail clients. Quite useful to see a comparison of features in a table format. Just use your preferred search engine to find it.

Also, many of the computer magazine sites have yearly top 10s, so that is also a good place to look.

Thanks Gary,

Take your point haha, and don’t get me wrong, I would prefer to keep em client and get it sorted but as I said, when the guy doesn’t even turn up for the remote session, it’s seems unlikely. Plus if it was a known problem they could no doubt tell you what to do. If it’s unknown it’s not getting fixed anytime soon