Printing email not showing metadata (Subject, From, Sent, To)

Sometimes when printing an email from one particular person it does not print the metadata (Subject, From, Sent, To) on the top of the email. Other emails from people at the same company print correctly all the time. Using version 7.2.34711.0.

Can anyone suggest what I can do to resolve this ?

I have not seen this happen.  Is it random or from specific senders?

It seems to happen with one specific sender. But all other senders from that company are fine. And it does not happen with all emails from that sender. I have not been able to find anything common about her emails (ie. all emails with attachment) that have this problem.

There is something going on with that individual’s email.  Maybe than can consult their IT staff.

Thanks Jay! I’ll get them to check it out at their end.