Printing calendar - holidays

This may be peculiar to the UK, but when I print a calendar of ‘Holidays in the United Kingdom’ for April 2022 (month view, work days only), it puts Easter Sunday on Friday the 15th, which should be Good Friday. If I change it to show all days, it’s correct.

I am able to reproduce this only with a Google Holiday calendar.

Is that what you are using @BobF ?

Hi Gary, yes I am.


It is probably a badly defined calendar from Google, as it doesn’t happen with calendars from other providers.

Have you considered using eM Client’s own Holiday Calendars instead?
To add one, go to the Calendar section of eM Client, then by right-click somewhere in the folder list, choose Import Holidays.

Hi Gary,
tried that and it seems OK, but I’ve now found that even if I print my normal calendar (Google again I’m afraid) without the holidays, it shows weekend events for both Saturday and Sunday on the Friday before.


Thanks for the update Bob.

Our developers are looking into this.