Printing attachments...

Does the premium version add in the functionality to print an attachment from within the email client?

Hi Tara, not completely sure what you’re referring to, eM Client can not submit an uknown document to the printer if we’re unable to access the file, e.g. receiving other types of files than eM client is working with. PRO license does not enable such functionality, check for more information about the differences between purchasing the application and using the free license.


When an email has an attachment I right-click on the attachment to bring up a menu. eM Client menu offers

. Open attachment

. Save as…

. Copy

. Remove


but no print or Quick Print choice.

The most common files I wish to print are PDFs or JPGs. I am currently trialling this email client and wondered if that feature would be available once purchased.  Obviously not which means, unfortunately, that I’ll have to keep looking for an email client that suits.

As I’ve suggested, this is unfortunately not possible in eM Client, eM Client can not display PDF files, thus can not submit the data to the printer, images included in the received message as inline can be displayed and you should be able to print them out with the message using the standard print feature in eM Client.


This was the biggest issue we faced with emClient over outlook. Even if it only supported pdf that would be great!  Any news if this is looking to be added.??