Printing appointments...?


I’ve recently installed eM Client and am slowly getting my head around it prior to moving away from Outlook. My biggest issue right now is printing my days appointments. In Outlook I could highlight the days entries, right click and print, I would then be offered a dialogue box asking how I would like them printing ie day to a page, week to a page etc etc. In my case I need them one to a page (memo style) including all details. Is this possible in eM Client?


Hi, this is unfortunately not possible in eM client. You can use trick with File - Print Preview, to show all day when printing your day plan, but printing only selected events is not possible.


I don’t think ‘not possible’ answers the question. What we see on the screen is a collection of data presented as an entry form/report so I can see no reason why your print drivers should not be able to respond to Control-P. Is there some reason due to the database structure?.

Hello Peter,
this is a rather old post and the information is, naturally, not up to date.
You can choose the selected events and press Ctrl-P which will print the current view, with only the name and time of the event visible.
But if you press Ctrl-Shift-P you will be brought to a preview when you can choose a different view format in the top right corner - choose Detail view to show all details about the chosen events.

If the Ctrl-P and Ctrl-Shift-P shortcuts don’t work for you, please check the Tools>Settings>General>Shortcuts section and see if your shortcut settings aren’t accidentally set differently.