Printed Page is cropped on the right and bottom margins

I’m using the latest version of eM Client (installed this week) on a Dell 7559 laptop running Windows 10.
When I try to print an email, the image in the preview screen looks fine, but when I print to my HP Color LaserJet 1600, about 75mm of text is cropped off the right hand margin, and 110mm of the bottom margin.
All my other software is printing correctly, so I assume the problem is with eM Client.
Can anyone offer a solution, please?

Hi Nicholas,

In the print preview window, try clicking on the page setup icon and changing the size to A4. Sometimes the default preset is A5, which could explain the margins you listed.
Hope this helps.


Hi Dave
I’ve checked, and the page setup is set to A4. It makes no difference to the printed output whether I have “Enable Shrink to Fit” ticked or not.
Also, the print preview image is exactly what I’d expect to see.
I’ve checked the printer preferences on my printer, and they are also set to A4 - and my other software prints correctly anyway.
There appears to be something in eM Client that is causing only an A5-size portion (the top left hand corner) of the page to be printed on A4 paper.

Alright, can you try launching Internet Explorer (as some of eM Client’s core processes run on IE) and printing something from there if it produces a similar effect?


As I’m running Windows 10, I’m using the included browser (Edge), and that is printing web pages correctly.
I’ve also tried printing from eM Client on my old laptop, running Windows Vista, and that prints correctly too.

Please try launching Internet Explorer (not Edge) through the search bar in Win 10 and print a page from there if it does the same thing.
Thank you.


I did as you asked, closed Edge and opened Internet Explorer 11, and I’m still getting cropped pages.

Okay, now try going to settings in Internet Explorer and resetting everything to default settings. Also try and look into the print settings in IE if everything is set to A4 and shrink to fit. That should fix the issue.

Alternatively you can install and start using the V7 Beta which no longer runs on IE but on Chromium core and these issues should stop. In case you’re interested, here’s a link for V7:…

Hope that helps.

I went to Internet Options > Advanced > Reset (to default condition), and then restarted my computer. I then checked that the page setup in IE was set to A4 and Shrink to fit.
The printed page is still cropped.
I’ll install the V7 Beta version, and see if that cures the problem.  I was going to do so anyway, as I have a UHD screen on my laptop (3840 x 2160), and this results in the edit buttons on the message screen being unreadably small.
Thanks for now.

Nicholas, I have the same problem. I’m using Windows 10 and my pages are cropped on the right and bottom. I use a Dell 1235cn laser printer. It must be a problem with eM Client. 

OK, I downloaded the V7 Beta link and that seems to have solved the problem. Nothing was cropped. Eureka!!! BTW, the download window indicated the vesion is V6??
Thanks for the advice.