Print Tasks

When I print a task list in table view all I get is a check box,  %, Location, and Summary. I want to print the check box, Summary, Description, and due date but there doesn’t seem to be an option to do that. Or am I missing something?

I know I can print a detail view but that’s more than I want.

Hi, eM client only prints the columns you have vissible in the task view on your computer.
So if you add the columns in eM Client you should be able to print them afterwards.

I hope this helps,

I must be doing something wrong.

In Task view I have 9 columns showing but when I print in Table view only 3 columns show. Two of those I do not display in eM (% and Location).  Of the 9 I have Description, Folder, and Due. None of them print.

Hi again, sorry for my mistake this is really not happening as you say, because it’s not supposed to as I said. Only the items you can see in print preview or after print will be shown, it’s the only setting, for more detailed print you can use the Detail View instead of Table view.

I agree the table view could use some configuration, we’ll keep that in mind for future releases.

Thank you for understanding, and again sorry for my mistake,

Paul, thank you for that clarification.

I hope at least a little improvement in printing comes quickly. For my use, a basic print of the task, description, due date is all that’s needed.

No problem, thank you for your input on this issue, we appreciate it.

Thank you,

I love eM Client - and given that it is free, I hesitate to point out an deficiencies.  But, the task program creates a beautiful useable little table of tasks - with start date, due date, and category.  However, this cannot be printed - the detail view is way to much - and takes the functionality completely out of this task program.  That is disappointing because I now have to revert to google tasks and I really prefer eM Client.

Hi Carol, thank you for your input on this, we’ll consider improving this, but what exactly are you having issues with while using the detailed view?

Thank you,

Hi, I have been a convert to eM Client now for a couple of years.

When I print out a task list I get a list that has a column for location that has nothing in it and I can’t remove it. All I want is the column labelled Summary. 

Are there any plans to allow the printed tasks lists to be modified by users?


Hi Liam, unfortunately this is not currently on our roadmap to upcoming releases, however we’re considering improving this in future.

Thank you,

Any progress on making this happen?  I am seeing the same thing 3 years later.  It would be great to be able to print the pertinent information for my tasks, not blank columns.  Thanks!