Print preview

Feature request: would it be possible to add a “preview” function to print? One doesn’t often want to print the whole email, but just one page! Right now there is no choice: all or none!


A must have feature to add!

Must have together with Print-Options!

Right now if you click Print, print options should display where you can select standard Windows print options. Print preview isn’t available for emails but for events, tasks and contacts it is. We will add the email print preview to one of the next versions.

Right on about Win. print options. My feature request was indeed about email print previews. I’ll be looking forward to the next version of eM Client

I would like also a preview and choice when clicking on the print icon of a message.
I just wasted ten pages of paper :frowning:
Of course I can choose to click on File > print to have the preview and print using pdf, but I’m…forgetful