Print mail without expanding BCC list

I send out a lot of emails as secretary of a tennis club. The email list is held as a distribution list, which is placed as a single item in the BCC field when creating the email. This all works fine except when I want to print out a file copy of the sent mail.

With previous releases of eMclient, the print copy would simply include the name of the distribution list in the BCC field of the printed copy, but now eMclient expands the distribution list to include all the hundreds of recipient emails. This means every print-out has multiple pages of email addresses which is highly undesirable both from a privacy viewpoint and for wasting huge amounts of paper.

Is there a solution to this?

A few options:

  1. Select the sent message and choose Forward > Forward as Original. This will clear the recipients so you can print that. It will show a different sent time in the header.

  2. You can select only the body text and print that selection. There will be no header information.

  3. Going forward, you could add yourself as a member of the BCC list, then print that received copy where they are only listed as as a single item of undisclosed recipients.

  4. You can choose to print only selected pages.

Thanks Gary: why didn’t I think of those! I already am a recipient, so of course I can print that!!.