Print dymo labels

Please add functionality to print mailing labels. Being in business labels are a very common task that is needed for sending mail. It makes no sense as to why there is no functionality to print a mailing label

I’m curious about this in the context of an email client. Wouldn’t a word processor be the more appropriate tool for mailing labels, mail merge, envelopes, etc.? Email is by nature electronic, i.e., no printing, no paper nor any envelopes are involved.

all the contacts are maintained within Em Client. There are multiple email account across different servers. All the contacts being maintained within EM Client just makes more sense. we don’t write letters we only need labels to put on checks mailed out.

Well, I’m not a developer nor an employee, I was just curious. However, that just seems like a rather specialized and non-email-related capability for an email client. But who knows …

Oh I understand now. So Outlook being strictly an email client should not be allowed to print mailing labels either, I should get on their forum and let them know their program doesn’t need that functionality. Thank you for helping me understand.

Outlook is part of the MUCH functionally larger Office suite, which includes Word (i.e., a word processor). Since the Office apps share common code / APIs, it’s not surprising Outlook can print labels. Underneath it’s basically Word with email added plus folders. And Word can print labels. You could even coerce Excel and Access into printing mailing labels. But that’s just not eM Client’s wheelhouse, as it were.

But then again I’m just a user, not a developer. Feel free to file an RFE with eM Client.