print calendar and tasks?

Is there a way to print (one the same single sheet of paper) a one day calendar along with all tasks that start that day, or are overdue, or have no date info? 

Hi Ron,

Thank you for this idea, unfortunately this is not possible in eM Client even though you can display the Tasks on the Calendar view. I’ll change this topic to Idea so other users can vote for it.


I would purchase the product if it had this feature.  Additionally it would be nice if this feature allowed for the user to customize the look and feel of the printed page, including being able to pull from multiple calendars and multiple task lists.

I have not yet found an email client that prints calendars to my satisfaction. An option is to connect to the same calendar using another application, like a dedicated calendar app, and print it that way.

Actually outlook prints great - if they had a unified mailbox like this application - there wouldn’t be any competition.

In outlook you can print your calendar and tasks all on one page