print all appointments

I really want to print all of my 2014 appointements to a PDF printer. I do this evry end of the year, when i used Outlook and Thunderbird. I really like EM Client, but when i try to do this in EM Client, i just get a week, a day or a month. Does anyone knows how to do this???

Hi, unfortunately there’s no available year view in eM client, you should be able to view older (even a year old) events using the “Agenda” view, just use the option “Hide Past”, to display older events and print the list of events.

Hope this helps,

Thx for your swift answer. I already found that i could see those appointments. Pitty i cant print them. I always use the printed PDF as a sort of backup. Sometimes i need to check older calenders for appointments. When i leave all those years(starting from 2009) in the Calendar, it gets very big and i am afraid that the EM client gets very slow and difficult to handle. Thats why i always printed to a PDF printer.
Thx anyway for you answer. I really like the EM Client. One of the best i ever used!