Pricing for eM Client

Well, I installed this program and just recently have been notified that the “Pro” trial is coming to an end, and there would be a $50 charge for it. I thought about it and decided what the … and then I find that it will cost more to have it on more devices.
OK. I set it up to have my data on a network drive that I use for this sort of thing. eM Client seems to not like this to begin with. There seems to be a “repair” about every third time I open it. I wanted this on a network so that I could use the same data on my laptop and my desktop. This is a common situation that MANY vendors are more graceful about. I thought $50 was a bit steep for what I expected. This is not what I expected. MS Outlook [older version] isn’t quite as neat in terms of the features, but I have it, and I know it will work on my network. The only difference is I upgraded to WinX, and thought I would explore alternatives.

I would suggest to contact for any queries on purchasing eM Client.

eM Client does not work well where the database is stored on a network share or removable drive. Primarily this is because of speed. With the database on the same SSD as the application, you should have no problem.

To use the application on more than one computer, just setup your accounts as IMAP or Exchange, and calendars and contacts as CalDAV and CardDAV, or other online calendar protocol available to you. That way the data is stored on your provider’s server and can be used simultaneously from many devices. A database on a network share cannot be used simultaneously by eM Client on separate devices anyway.

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If this is truly the problem I am having, then I can do what I have done with with other programs. As I said, I want to have the same on my desktop and my laptop. So I guess I can set up a script on each computer that would 1. Sync computer’s data [local] with the file on the network drive. 2. Start eM Client and do whatever. 3. When eM Client closes, the script syncs again. This way both computers will have valid and current data.
So, I am using one e-mail account with one [main] data file. Running one copy of eM Client at a time.
I will take this to sales. Thanx for the suggestion; I did not notice the link.

How many email accounts you want to use?
How many email you receive per day?

I don’t know why exactly you need to have it on a local server, I do that at work but it’s just a files sync with the server that manage our MS login session and copy paste all our docs…
It’s not a backup solution if my local files corrupt it sync the corrupted files on the server and overwrite the good files.
If you want your mail in sync everywhere including on your phone use IMAP/SMTP job done.

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99% of the time they won’t. The only time they will both have the same data is at the exact time the script runs with eM Client closed on both computers. But as soon as eM Client is started on one computer, they no longer have the same data until eM Client is closed and the script runs again. That also means while you are using eM Client on one computer, you cannot use it on the other. And there is also too much room for error. If the script fails, the data is not transferred. If the data is corrupt on one computer, it is transferred corrupt to the other computer.

Best solution is to just setup your email account as IMAP. Then you can access the same data simultaneously in real-time from both computers without any additional scripts or manual moving of the database.

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