Previews For Attachments

Any sort of previews for attached files within the reading pane would be fantastic. One thing Outlook has over eM. Would also be able to have print in the context menu for the attachments to quickly print them without having to open them and then print them.

Hi, attachment preview is already implemented, you can hover your mouse over attachment at if it is supported then it will show preview.


Doesn’t work for PDF?!

no .pdf are not supported and we do not plan to do support them in close future.


Which attachments are currently supported?

By a friend the preview for a pdf works. Now on a new pc it doesnt work. Why?

Hello PDF preview is not supported in eM Client, only image files can be previewed using the built-in application features.


Is there any chance to have a larger preview or a system default preview? I am a Mac user and I would be happy if I could use it by pressing the space bar.

You are correct. Preview doesn’t work and I can’t download PDF, Word or Excel files are a problem. EM and the User’s group have not helped me with the problem of either reading or opening any of these type files. EM tries to open these files it grinds for nearly 2 minutes and comes back with an error message. This started in December of 2020 and there is no one willing to come up with an answer. I went to EM staff for help and was told they can’t help because I don’t have a purchased version and the User’s group has had NOT provided any meaningful help either. Also sending attachments is a problem. Error comes back you have not downloaded the elements in this file so the system can’t send it. I go back and try again and it goes. Also get RED delta next to my email account name and the error says can’t connect to the server. Is Microsoft causing the problem or is the hand shake between EM and Microsoft program have a bug causing the problem.
I am forced to process email via gmail to work efficiently as EM is failing!