Preview variables before sending

Is there a way of previeweing the variables before sending so we get an idea of what data will be populated into the place holders?

Only just started with this software so don’t really know as yet what each variable is gonna do!!

Don’t want to confuse people with a load of code! Lol

Whilst I’m on the subject of variables am I right in saying that they only populate the correct data in sending an email or starting a conversation? It doesn’t seen to work when I reply to a message received!  Should it?

Also does it matter if you just hit Send rather than Send Mass Mail?  (I’m talking about sending to one person.)

Basically I’m trying to set up Quick text replies and simply adding the senders name at the top using a variable.  If they are in my address book I can’t see why it doesn’t fill in the name. Using the same Quick reply in a new message does however so I know the place holder is correct. 

Might it be possible in the future to get a variable for a senders details if they are not in your contacts?


I did also notice when I do the following:

“Hello {Given Name},”

Nothing happens and it’s very annoying I don’t see a preview of what name will use in the mail.

It would be MUCH more useful when you enter {Given Name} to automatically convert to the Real Given Name, not showing {Given Name}  instead.

Hopefully, you can fix this.