Preview Pane - content disappearing

Recently upgraded to v8.0.2951 (e2fe9f0). Overall happy with the features and better performance.
Have noticed one peculiar thing that I was not experiencing previously - some (not all) emails once selected in the message list, appear in the preview pane for about 3 seconds - and then the preview pane goes blank. The subject is the only thing left visible, everything else disappears. If you select a different email, then come back to the problematic one - exact same thing happens again.

Same thing happens if I actually open the email - can view it for a few seconds then it vanishes.

Very frustrating. I’m guessing it relates to content of the email. The one giving me issues today has an animated graphic in the body - source of the problem?

I am also having a similar problem. When I open an email in a list I can read it fine. When I reply all the content disappears and I can’t type a reply. The only way to resolve it is to completely exit out of EM Client. It is not related to any particular email service. It happens in Gmail & in Exchange.

Anybody had any ideas what is going on?

Same problem here, too. Using version 8.0.3385 with a Gmail address. For me, it usually happens after I scroll down to the area of the e-mail which I assume causes the problem. Nothing stands out as being odd when I view it at Can’t determine if it is graphics or something within the text.