Preventing shutdown of Windows 8.1

Since applying the most recent update eMC is preventing windows from shutting down as it is ‘uninitialising’ and I have to force shutdown.
On the next start of eMC it takes a very long time as it checks for ‘corrupted database’.
Any help to resolve the issue or to downgrade would be greatly appreciated.

Hi John,
do you have the option to Minimize or Close application to Tray enabled in the Tools>Settings>General section?


Yes, I have the same problem with Windows 10, and yes minimize to tray is akiv.
please Help

I just make it a habit to close eM Client prior to shutting down Windows.

Is this a joke? I do not close any program before. It always runs in the background. No other program makes problems

Let me restate my rather vague and incomplete message.  Prior to version 7, you did have to close eM Client before shutting down windows (at least i did).  This seems to have been fixed with version 7.  I just got into the habit of closing down all my apps prior to shutting down windows to avoid any issues.

I just tested it on my machine and by shutting down windows without closing version 7.1 and the program opens without the database check (even with the ("close to app tray option enabled).

Perhaps it is syncing when you shutdown windows?