Prevent emclient automatically downloading emails

I’ve just moved from Opera Mail to emclient and am trying to configure it to my requirement.

I use FireTrust’s Mailwasher program to scan my mails whilst they are still on the server so that I can delete any spam or unwanted mails before downloading them.
I had Opera set so that it would only connect to the server and download mails on command, but emclient seems to download mails by itself. I have disabled “sync on startup” and “sync every x minutes” but it still downloads all mails without giving me a chance to remove unwanted ones with Mailwasher.
What I want is for emclient to only download my inbox when I tell it to.
How can I achieve this?

When you setup an email account in eM Client, by default it will most likely be IMAP. This means that the client is connected to the server in real-time and all data is stored on the server.

To use third-party applications to sort your mail before eM Client has access to them, you will need to setup your email account as POP3.

Please see the Help File (F1) for instructions on doing that.

Once the account is setup that way, you can configure it to connect manually.

This thread may be of interest:

Gary, thank you that is most informative.
I wonder if you’d mind a quick question regarding this: can I re-configure the account I have set up from IMAP to POP3 or do I need to delete it from emclient and create a new POP3 account?
I had a quick look at the settings and I didn’t immediately see a way of changing it once created.

Unfortunately you can’t convert the account.

What I suggest is you setup the POP3 account, then let it sync with the server. When that is done, drag any remaining messages from the IMAP folders to the POP3 folders before removing the IMAP account.

And as a precaution, before deleting any account, make a backup using Menu > Backup.

Cheers Gary, thanks!